Tacky the Eagle

Ok, so have you ever read that picture book Tacky the Penguin? There are all these perfect penguins and then there’s this one penguin who is doing his own thing and is kind of an oddball.

It’s a very sweet book.

I would like to introduce you to Tacky the Eagle:

Oddball probably applies to both of us, but let’s focus on the bird…

The kids call this chicken “Eagle” and it was their favorite chick—they held it a bunch. The whole flock is pretty friendly—puppy chickens, really. Still, Eagle is special.

Eagle is funky because she is a leader—will try new things sooner than the other birds—but also is pretty low on the pecking order. Pretty much all day you can see the chickens doing the poultry equivalent of throwing their hands up in the air and saying, “Tacky!!!”

When a person enter the coop, Eagle makes baby noises and checks them out.

The other day as I was walking in with one of their food bowls she decided to go to the top roost and fly into the bowl. I can’t decide if it was diabolical or accidental, but the others gave a cheer.

Newest trick: Eagle is working on her status in the flock by roosting a little higher:

Tacky is an odd bird, but she’s a good bird to have around.