Meet (some of) the Girls

🐓 We have 85 chickens in 3 flocks. We like a combination of breeds. Right now we have:

Black Laced Wyandottes, Brown Leghorns, Buff Orpingtons, Cuckoo Marans, Easter Eggers, Legbar, Novagen, Polish, Rhode Island Red, Salmon Faverolle, Sapphire Gem, and Welbar. 🐓

We keep them in movable coops for as much of the year as we’re able. This allows them access to grass and bugs and adventure, while protecting them from hawks and coyotes. They love moving and as soon as they see us coming with dollies and the lawnmower they start lining up at the front of the coop!

🐓 Once the weather gets too cold they move to the barn so they don’t freeze their finnegans. We give them treats and have ladders and pallets so they can maximize their space. We look forward to getting them back out as soon as they will be comfortable, though! Adventure chickens are the best.🐓

The Team

Sally Smith

Typing Pool

Sally is new to the position of Typist. She is still working on her efficiency, but makes the best of the hunt and peck method. Sally is an Easter Egger. She thinks the Easter Bunny gets too much credit.


Juana Pérez


Juana enjoys inspecting bugs, food, her feathers, other chickens, and nest boxes. A Rhode Island Red, Juana admits she has never even been to Rhode Island. She does not have plans to travel, explaining that she prefers adventures closer to home.


Buffy Van Orpington


Buffy enjoys leading meetings of her peers. She has been known to go off script, but the other chickens generally find her meetings enjoyable. Buffy’s pro meeting tip: meetings go better with snacks!


Punky Brosterhous


Punky closely monitors sunsets and is one of the first chickens to go to bed every night. She prefers to sleep with the maximum altitude possible. She inspired her flock to start roosting in the rafters. Punky is a Silver Laced Polish. She reminds us, “Girls just want to have fun.”


The New Babies 7/2021

Cream Legbar chicks & Welbar chicks
Salmon Faverolle