Meet (some of) the Girls

🐓 We have 120 chickens in 2 flocks. We like a combination of breeds. Here’s what we have right now:

Breed:Egg Color:
Austra White
(Black Australop x White Leghorn)
California Whites
(White Leghorn x Gray Californian)
Cinnamon Queen
(Rhode Island Red x Silverlaced Wyandotte)
Cream LegbarBlue
Easter EggersBlue or Green
French Wheaten MaransMedium Dark Brown
Olive Egger
(Legbar x Welsummer)
Green or Brown Speckled
Prairie Bluebells
(White Leghorn x Pure Araucanas)
Rhode Island RedBrown
Salmon FaverollesCream to Light Brown

We keep them in movable coops with solar powered electric fences around them. This allows them access to grass and bugs and adventure, while protecting them from hawks and coyotes.