Take a look at those melons!

4 small ripe watermelons on a grass background. Sunny day with sharply defined shadows.
We’re getting watermelon, folks! [Excited jumping from me.]
A ripe cantaloupe cut in half with seeds showing resting on a cutting board on a counter.
Our first cantaloupe. It smells so good and it’s perfectly ripe!
A cantaloupe cut into many slices   placed in a line that comes toward the camera. Resting on cutting board lying on counter.
A line of pumpkins in the foreground with a coop of silkie chickens on the background towards the right. One pumpkin is bigger . It’s a sunny day with sharply defined shadows.
Pumpkins, too.
One for the chickens.
A close up of 3 silkies and the back of a fourth . 2 are buff and 2 are white. They are standing on grass. They are looking different directions . Bc
Obligatory cute silkies picture.